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Feedback about the beta


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As this is a feedback beta forum, here is my feedback.

Feels more like alpha - yes the main functionality is here and it seems to work which is nice but:

- why not keep it in tray like it has always been?

- which computer is a server and which is a client i don't know. Happend to me that the config is right... but if it was not, what should I do?

- both computers are named desktop... it does not help to set them up while they appear identical.

So far, this upgrade does not seem like it is for me. I gained nothing from it. I lost quite a lot. Imo Synergy 1 was easy to use as it was. I am really hoping that in the future 2.0 will bring much more than this.

I think that Synergy is the best solution for what is does, at the moment. 

Thanks and good luck in further development!

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  • Synergy Team
Nick Bolton

We're working hard on finishing off the service, this was meant to be in beta2 and beta3, but we totally redesigned our architecture to make it more scalable and reliable, but that set us back a way. Anyway, we're working on it now and it should be ready for beta4 in 3 weeks.

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