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Watchdog status: error


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I've just bought Synergy and was trying to set it up. I have 2 computers, one laptop with Ubuntu and another with Windows 10. I can set the laptop to be the client and connect the W10 machine to it and everything works nicely. However, when I try to set the W10 computer as the server it just won't start. When starting Synergy I have this message on the console: INFO: watchdog status: error. And after trying to start the server ERROR: ipc connection error, remote host closed. I am uploading a screenshot of the log so you can see it. 

Thank you in adavance.


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Ask for an email only helps one person, a lot of other users has the same f. problem and technically you're asking for each one to put a ticket here and then send an email... that's so unpractical.

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