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Invisible Mouse on secondary computer (Ubuntu 16.04)


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I've been using Synergy for a quite a long time through many different versions.  Both Synergy 1.8.8, 1.7.x, and now 2.0.0 beta all show an invisible mouse on the secondary computer if I rapidly move my mouse to the second display.

The second display mouse is functional and highlights icons but the mouse pointer itself is invisible.  The only way to get the pointer to display is to move the mouse back to the primary computer and very slowly move the mouse to the secondary computer.  This happens no matter the orientation (which side the secondary screen is connected to).  The secondary computer is a pretty default Ubuntu 16.04 machine.  

Now that 2.0.0 beta supports the mouse moving the other direction as well, if I use my laptop mouse on my primary desktop it will also disappear unless I move it slowly.  This has made using Synergy a little bit frustrating as it constantly requires me to move my mouse back to the other computer and I sometimes lose my mouse pointer completely until I repeatedly move it between screens.


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