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Can't connect using auto config or manual


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I just purchased and installed. Running 1.8.8-stable-25a8cb2 on both. 

Server-Windows 7 64bit, ethernet. The IP address in the below is for the ethernet adapter. Other 10...address is the same machine's wifi adapter. This is my work laptop and I do not have control of firewall. 

Client-Windws 10 64 bit, wifi. I did get a message asking for authorization for Windows Firewall (I think when I tried switching this to being a Server). 

I also tried using auto config. Synergy would hang when installing Bonjour on the client but I installed this manually by downloading bonjour print service from Apple. Seemed to work as I no longer am prompted to install Bonjour when I cliick on auto-config. When I try auto-config I get a message ""please fill in a hostname for the synergy client to connect to" but there does not seem to be a place to fill in the said hostname.

Here are screenshots of both systems. Thank you for your assistance.




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