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Auto start at boot up

Peter Rausch

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Peter Rausch

How can I set synergy to start automatically when I turn on my MacBook Pro? I think there used to be a setting for this as the application did start automatically for me on my old AirBook, but I've reinstalled on a new MacBook Pro and can't find a setting to auto start at login.

I'm running Sierra version 10.12.6.

I'm running Synergy version 1.8.8-stable-25a8cb2

Build Date March 16th, 2017

Everything else works fine. Just can't find an start at login setting.



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Paul Suarez

Hi @Peter Rausch

In OSX 10.8 and older, you can use a plist through launchd. There's also an example of this method in the source code.

There is not currently a known way to do this in OSX 10.9 or newer. In all versions of OSX, you can have the user login automatically, and set Synergy as a Login Item, which will have it start up upon user login.

How to make Synergy run automatically at startup - Mac

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I would like to ask if there are plans to support MacOS Monterey to start Synergy on bootup? Also the linked solution to source code at github is broken.  Any updates are appreciated

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