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PC to MAC - Lock PC causes disconection

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Paul Stevenson
I have annoying problem. I have a MAC client and a PC server setup and it was all working fine on 1.6.* on both machines. I then got fed up of seeing the update warning so I upgraded both to 1.7.2. I use the "synchronise screen savers", plus a Windows program to force the screen saver at lock, so: 1) I lock my main PC 2) This starts a small program that immediately launches the screen saver on the PC (server) 3) Synergy detects the screen saver start and using the "synchronise screen savers" option starts the screen saver on the MAC (client) This effectively locks both computers due to the screen saver options. This all worked fine on 1.6.*, however after upgrading to 1.7.2, and subsequently 1.7.3, it no longer works. Watching the log files it appears that Synergy disconnects once the PC is locked and then reconnects. At PC unlock it also disconnects and re-connects. I can only assume this means that the screensaver sync is a one time event/call and thus never gets activated on the MAC. Has the behaviour changed, or do I have an odd problem?
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