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I switched from CentOS 7 to Mint 18 Mate

Now When I try Synergy I get all the old settings (Like all computers that it has ever seen)


How do I clear this?


I now get: 


[Core] [2017-07-24T13:01:15] DEBUG: opening configuration "C:/Users/charlie.DEHOWE/AppData/Local/Symless/Synergy/synergy.conf"

[ UI ] [2017-07-24T13:01:15] ERROR: [2017-07-24T13:01:15] ERROR: cannot read configuration "C:/Users/charlie.DEHOWE/AppData/Local/Symless/Synergy/synergy.conf": read error: line 35: overlapping range



[ UI ] [2017-07-24T13:01:50] INFO: Upload path: https://synergy-logs.symless.com/2017-07-24/432-2017-07-24T13-01-49.log


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Well I did manage to re arrange the unused display icons and get it to work!


I would like to see more settings available

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After reading many of these posts and trying a number of times, I find this is a bit too unstable for it to be of much use for me.

I get disconnected fairly often, sometimes I can get it to start back up, sometimes I cannot.


I am going to wait a few weeks to see how the next beta does.


For What It Is Worth: I would REALLY like to see the ability to delete old computers it 'saw' (I had connected to)

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