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Mouse laggy/jumpy


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I have been facing the problem as explained in the github issue:


It is becoming impossible to use the mouse on my client. 

Both Server & Client are multi monitor set up. 

Server: 12GB Ram/Intel i5 2410-M @ 2.3 GHz/LAN Bandwidth: 16Mbps 2 monitor setup: 1920 x 1080p 27" ASUS Monitor & 19" 1440 X 900 

Client: 8GB RAM/Intel i5 5200U  @ 2.2 GHz/ Wifi Bandwidth: 12-14 Mbps 2 monitor setup: 1440p 25" & 1080p 13" 

Network ping time during the lag is usually high at around 200-500 ms on average 250ms and sometimes even 3000ms 

But normal ping time between these two is around 2ms. 




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Paul Suarez

Hi @vinayulphi. Sorry for the late reply on this. 

Have you tried switching machine's roles already? If so, are you experiencing the same thing?

Also, just to verify. Have you manually set both devices to use port 21000? If so, is there a specific reason why you set them both to use that part?

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No I have not tried switching roles. 

I will switch and see what is the results. 

Regarding ports, well long time back auto config did not work, and default port it was giving some error, so chose to use a different port. 

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Patrik Olsson

When this happens to me, I make sure the clients and servers processes are killed. I.e. on MAC or Linux: kill `ps auxw | grep ynergy | grep -v grep`

Repeat until it says "no such process id".

For Windows, dunno, am a Unixi nerd :-) But probably in the taskmgr.exe you can find and kill all Synergy processes.

Then start Synergy over on all boxes. Solves my lagging/jumpy mouse pointer every time.

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Is there a solution to this yet? I have tried all suggestions and still no luck. The mouse on my client side is laggy to the point of being totally useless.

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I'm experiencing the same issue going from iMac to Macbook Pro. I can't seem to find a solution to this and it's bad enough that it's useless. Has anyone figured this out?

Sierra 10.12.6

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