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No mouse clicks on client - "Dropped bogus delta motion" error


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Hi there

I have a Mac and Windows computer. Windows as server, mac as client. When navigating to the client for a few seconds the debug window shows "Dropped bogus delta motion" and then mouse clicks on the client side does not work anymore. I can restart the server, it then works for another 5 seconds or so on the client before happening again.

I have used Synergy in the past, the mouse clicks stopping have always been an annoying issue, but only recently has it become so frequent that it makes it impossible to use Synergy.

Please assist

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Paul Suarez

Please provide more details about your machines (OS, 32/64 bit, Synergy version installed, connected to the network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, specify which one is the server). Also, post a screenshot of both machine's Synergy interface and the Server Configuration interface on your server machine.

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WINDOWS 10 (64bit), latest stable version (1.8.8)

MAC OS X SIERRA 10.12.5 (64bit), latest stable version (1.8.8)


See screenshots attached

Thanks for the assistance





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Paul Suarez

It could be because of the Windows machine trying to connect to your Mac client on the 192.168.137.x network but your Mac is on 192.168.1.x network. What we can do is to set a primary network interface where your server machine will try to look for the client. Follow the steps below.

  1. On Server's Synergy user interface, click Edit
  2. Click Settings
  3. Use the IP address of that machine where you want it to listen or look for the other machine, type it in the box next to Interface ( for your setup, use
  4. Click OK
  5. Click Apply or Start

Let me know how it goes. ;)

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Hi there

I accidentally solved it!

I tried what you suggested but it didn't make a difference. However I saw the setting "Elevate" was set to "Always". When I set it to "As needed" the issue was solved and my mouse clicks on the client (mac) weren't becoming unresponsive anymore.


Just wanted to let you know, not sure why this solved it


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