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Install on a Raspberry Pi


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I'm not so expert of Rpi so that's could be also a big issue for me, but as I'm sure I'm not alone, I would like to ask you if you can write a simple guide on how to make your software working on a Rpi...

Around the web there are to much old tutorials that makes everything so confusing...

I purchased your software for my computer as I need to have some remote keyboard on multiples Rpi so I spent two days to understand how to compile it. Today I finally get "client "pi" has connected", I also get the "switch from Mac to Pi" log but I'm still unable to type any letter on a simple text editor.

At the moment I'm really stressed and I'm asking you some help... also because I'm unable to replicate the installation process... I've made so much try...

Thank you!

(Please don't answer me with that: https://github.com/symless/synergy/wiki/Compiling as I've already red it but it doesn't works for me... maybe I'm missing some stupid steps that you didn't described as you know them)

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