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Powersave on client not engaging when server does

Scott Palmer

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Scott Palmer

Good day, I have macOS Sierra running Synergy 1.8.8 and a CentOS 7 client also running 1.8.8. Everything works normal, except the monitor power save. On my Mac, I have it setup so when I put my mouse pointer at the bottom right monitor, it immediately activates power save on the monitors. However, the client does not register this and the monitors never go to sleep. I have tried "Synchronize screen savers" both checked and unchecked with no luck. I also enable the screen blank on the client side after 15 minutes, and that doesn't help. In fact, that makes it worse.

When the client is set for 15 minutes (longest duration besides disabled), the monitors will "lock", but not go into power save. When it is set like this, typing the password in to unlock doesn't seem to work, however the mouse does move. The client side is CentOS 7 with the Gnome desktop. I am not apposed to KDE or even XFCE if one of those are more reliable for this.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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