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Lag/delay on client side


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To Joe Abasolo:

Responding to your email request to post a new thread with my question.  I've noticed for some time now that there seems to be a little delay/lag on my client side computer for both my mouse and my laptop.  I say for some time because I stopped using the program as a result of the lag and never addressed it with support.  I thought I would give it another try today and I'm still seeing the same issue.  Is there any additional information I can provide to help with the troubleshooting?

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Paul Suarez

Hi @GregT. Please provide more details about your machines (OS, 32/64 bit, Synergy version installed, connected to the network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, specify which one is the server). Also, post a screenshot of both machine's Synergy interface and the Server Configuration interface on your server machine.

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Server Side:

- Win 10 Pro- 64bit

- Synergy v. 1.8.8-stable-c30301e

-Connected via ethernet

Client Side:

- Win 7 Enterprise - 64bit

-Synergy v. 1.8.8-stable-c30301e

-Connected via WiFi





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Sorry for the delay, was out of the country.  Here are two screenshots of the client side:  FYI - the Server IP has obviously changed since I posted the first images.  I'm able to connect today, but still getting a lag in response to the mouse and keyboard on the client side. Server side is working fine as you might expect.


Client Synergy Side Main.JPG

Client Synergy Side Settings.JPG

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