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Cyclic Breaking Input on Client


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Hi -

I'm experiencing a somehow cyclic breaking/intermittent input on my client. It would be ok for 8 counts and then would be intermittent for the next 4 counts then would repeat the same cycle. I have uploaded a video(link below) to show what I mean. This happens to both input devices (mouse/kb).


My setup - Basic License. Client and Server on 1.8.8-stable March 16, 2017 build.

  • Server - Windows 10
  • Client - MacOS Sierra 10.12.5

I have tried the ff to narrow down the possible causes but I've not managed to fix the issue:

  1. Uninstall and Reinstall on Server
  2. Uninstall and Reinstall on Client
  3. Use Different Router (tried 3 diff routers and 2 iphone hotspots)
  4. Use a different set of mouse and keyboard.

Anyone here have encountered this? Can you share how you fixed it?

Thanks! :)

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In addition - I have tried to see the log types ( including debug,debug1,debug2) on both machines and don't see any new log entries when the breaking occurs.

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Paul Suarez

Hi @#Jp. Sorry for the late reply on this. Also, we would like to thank you for sharing this very useful information. ^_^

Can we verify though as to what Mac machine do you have? This might help us narrowing down which Macs are prone to have this problem.

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