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Can't Left Click or Right Click


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Hello, I've just purchased/downloaded the Beta and the mouse is very fast in transitioning between OS's

What Works:


What Doesn't:

Mouse (Left Click & Right Click)

Drag and drop

Other Issues:

Program Times out Frequently

My Setup: 

Synergy_v2.0.0-beta2_b534-9e1c9d3f running on 

MacOS 10.12.5 on Mac Pro 2010

Windows Pro 10 version, OS Build 1703 15063.483 ,

Logitech K530 Keyboard and Mouse Combo (Not sure if this is necessary)


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The Windows 10 Pro is the Synergy Server, Position set to the right (triple monitor configuration)

The Mac Pro is the Synergy Client, Position set to the left (single monitor configuration) 

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Ah, yes I hadn't thought about that. It's a wireless keyboard and mouse and windows automatically downloads the driver for the unifying receiver that connects the two so I'll use another mouse and reply back but it worked on the previous version Synergy which is why I pointed it out as an discrepancy.

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I cannot reduplicate the issue, My keyboard and mouse now works. Sorry for your time, thank you for great software.

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