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Despite correct name, the software selected client's ssl key and now won't let me change it


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I was able to connect three computers, while connecting 4th one the software picked up the key from client, really!! then there is no way to change the connecting ssl key... then caused one of the clients to connect to itself...

Now, this is pathetic - the software does NOT display the SSL Fingerprint then selects the fingerprint from a client leaving the server aside although I have mentioned the server name exactly as it is - now there is no article that helps recover from the wrong pointer to ssl fingerprint..

Come on charge me money for your time but resolve the issue.. by the way it's robbery if you charge because your software is flawed.


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You can remove the incorrect fingerprint from the synergy/SSL/Fingerprints directory which should force/allow you to select a new one again. Or you can edit the TrustedServers file in that directory and change out the fingerprint for the correct one.

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