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Windows: Taskmanager / copypaste


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In my opinion this is some really impressive software, but while I like the attempt to simplify any user input etc. i am still looking forward to next versions with more options enabled.
I am using 2 Windows machienes, and most things work as intended at this point of development. Although i have two issues:
first: when opening or accessing the taskmanager in one of the machines Synergy stops working. having the taskmanager open in the background of the controlled computer seem to interfere with the software. (closing taskmanger and draw synergy to the foreground of both displays seem to reconnect both computers and resolve the issue)
and secondary: while copy and paste of text does work neither copy and paste of files nor drag and drop have any functionalty (A to B and B to A) but copying a file on one of the computers will clear what i copied on the other
i tried to copy some files and send the log to https://synergy-logs.symless.com/2017-07-12/369-2017-07-12T16-56-49.log
one file was about 1 kb one +500kb but the issue could still be related to an unstable internet connection between both devices

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  • Synergy Team
Nick Bolton

Hey, more settings won't help you here I'm afraid. The task manager issue will be fixed in beta3 (due in 2-3 weeks). Drag and drop should work on Windows, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was buggy. We'll be fixing that in a late beta. Right now there's no feature to copy/paste actual files (you can only drag and drop... when it works). We'll also be adding file copy/paste in a late beta too.

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