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Dragging Win10 window to shared edge to maximize it causes error


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I regularly drag Win10 windows to the left or right hand edge of the screen to get them to maximize to that half of the screen.

With Synergy 2.0 active, when I drag a window to the shared right edge of my screen, the mouse hops to the other computer and the Win10 window I was dragging pops back into its original location.

I've tried several times to drag slowly to the edge of the Win10 machine to trigger the half-screen-maximize behavior with no luck.

Here's the full log:


At the moment of failure I see:

 DEBUG: failed to get drag file name from OLE

In the logs, "quilin.local" is a macOS machine on the right hand side, and "dingonek" is the Win10 machine on the left hand side.


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  • Synergy Team
Nick Bolton

Ah, that's annoying. Synergy is trying to figure out if you're dragging a file, but it doesn't realise you're actually dragging a Window.

@Jerry Hou Is there a bug report for this?

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