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Discord Keybind


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Okay so here is my setup in a nutshell.  I use Synergy to control my PC using my Laptop.  On my PC I'll run World of Warcraft or other games, and on my Laptop I'll run Discord which is a voice communication software.  I can't run Discord on my PC because it is generally too far away to hook up a mic.

My question is, is there a way to set certain keys or mouse buttons that will be ignored by Synergy.  I would like to have a push-to-talk key that I can use with Discord, but obviously while I'm controlling my PC, my Laptop ignores all of my button presses.  So basically, if I pressed mouse4 for example, it'd be great if my Laptop recognized that I pressed it, even if I'm currently controlling my PC, and my PC did not recognize I pressed it.

Thanks in advanced.

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