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Feedback and issues upon first use


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Hi guys!

Wanted to let you know the Beta looks great and seems to function well so far (with a few exceptions). I'm working with a Macbook pro with Sierra and a windows 10 machine currently.


Connection between the two worked flawlessly both on wired and wireless connection (once set up). 

Setup is simple. Design is clean.

Clipboard works.



The cursor disappeared for about 2 minutes on the Mac on initial setup.

I seem to lose connection when the Windows 10 pc is locked.

There is no access to the behind the scenes settings. If I have any trouble or want to manage my account or computers the options simply aren't there.

The cursor seems to visually disappear occasionally, but hyperlinks still highlight like the cursor is there. It usually only lasts for 10 to 20 seconds.

No obvious option to assign server/client. Noticed a mouse click on client switches it to server, but no info is provided on that and I have to wait for loading.

No clear direction on how it works, or even that it needs to be installed on both machines (obvious I know, but a new user might not understand).

The app icon has an ugly white section in it currently.

The application is no longer a service on Mac so when I hit the red X it I lose connection to the Windows 10 pc.


Overall I like where this is going, but would like to see those options for advanced users available, thanks guys!


Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 1.12.07 PM.png

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