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My initial experience


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Install setup:

  • First time ever using the application
  • Windows 10 pro (both computers)

initial impression:

  • The install was easy, but absolutely no guidance on what to do.  Although smooth and in the extreme, maybe not needed, it would have been nice to have something.
  • Having never used the app, I kept closing the program thinking it would minimize to the tray, only to find that the mouse would just hang with out understanding why.

Initial Suggestions:

    Would be nice to have a basic help menu with the following:

  1. Some screen shots to indicate that the windows could be placed next to each other.
  2. A link to the forum or support section of the website.
  3. Quick troubleshooting tips.

Nice to haves:

  1. Allow the app to be minimized to the windows tray
  2. Allow app to start as a service after initial config.
  3. Display the computers size on the app relative to each other based on screen resolution. This will help in placing the computers next to each other so I can line up where the mouse crosses from one computer to another.
    • primary computer of mine is a 43 inch monitor with a 4K resolution
    • secondary computer of mine is a 23 inch monitor with 1080p resolution
  4. I see no place to change settings to allow for a reset of login credentials, computer layout, etc.
    • Related to this is being able to see which account I am logged into.   I can see this being necessary if I log in with my own account at home and a work account at work.
    • Or even better would be to allow for the registering of two accounts or profiles to indicate which computers I want to link to at a given time.
  5. When dragging a file from one computer to another, allow for the file to be moved instead of copied. (both options would be nice: copy/move)


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Another thought on the Help menu.  Have an option to open up a window that will have enough information (anonymous) about the computer (or computers) it is running on, so it can be pasted into the forums as a help to identify what kind of environment it is working in.

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  • Synergy Team
Nick Bolton

Hey, thanks for the feedback! Those are all things we're working on :) Stay tuned for the next beta (beta3) which will come out in about a month.

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