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So easy to use


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Well, that was easy to setup.  2 Win10 and 1 Mac Mini w/Sierra.  Install was intuitive and simple but really lacking interactive dialog that would have made it a nicer experience.  I'm sure that will come later.

What doesn't work for me:

  1. My initial install is in the middle.  Second Win10 is to the right, Mac Mini is on the left.  When I turn all of them on, mouse skips from left to right and right to left - ignoring the middle computer.  So, can only have 2 running at one time.  I have tried top/bottom positions also with no luck.
  2. Occasionally, cursor gets stuck on remote screen - may be due to turning on/off clients and repositioning.

Features I would like to see:

  1. Run as a Service on Windows/daemon on Mac.  Needs some form of keep alive without the an open (or minimized) window.
  2. Minimize to system tray on Windows.
  3. Right-click on monitor/icon to deregister client.
  4. Right-click on monitor/icon to rename client.
  5. Better snap-to-grid behavior (icons do not always snap to where you are placing them).


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Paul Suarez

Thanks for the feedback @troyFW. We totally appreciate it. Most ( if not all) of the features you wanted is on process already. I'll inform our developers about this, Have a great day! ^_^

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