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Synergy Server on Windows 8.1 refuses to start


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Hi there!

I am a synergy-user since a couple of years now. I love it. Thanks!
However, from time to time there are very uncomfy bugs that prevent me from working. Most of the time i have a win 8.1 machine running as synergy-server and a arch-linux client as synergy-client. Every few months the Synergy-Server is broken. I have to uninstall synergy, delete leftovers from registry and install it again. This fixes the issues with synergy.

How does it behave when its broken?:

First of all: i use the latest stable release: 1.8.8-stable-25a8cb2

The windows service starts, the service is listening on 24801 but i get errors from the GUI: "ipc connection error, remote host closed" as well as some watchdog message i unfortunately didnt capture. 24800 is closed, nothing will listen. I tried to reconfigure, i tried to reinstall i tried restarting services, i tried removing services and installing them again i tried... dunno what else.
The only thing that seems to fix this bug is wiping the settings from the registry.

I found something in there that looks suspicious to me: there is this value named "serialKey" and it begins with my serial, however after a few chars there start F's ... 251 lines of fs, or 262000 of them. This looks wrong to me, is it? I for sure never added them, I only copy paste the serial from my account page.

I cannot provide you with logs, i deleted them as well during a uninstallation. Probably the error will occur in 2-3 Months again.
I would be happy to not go down this road in 2-3 Months again.

I exported my settings from registry before i deleted them, i could provide you with those.


Keep up the great work!


Have a nice day!

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Paul Suarez

Hi @friendlyguy. Sorry to hear that you're having problems using Synergy. I'll need to check with our developers first on what could be a possible reason for this. I'll get back with you as soon as I receive a reply from them. Please bear with me on this. :)

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