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Bonjour download hangs after auto config enabled on Win10 (1703)


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Dear folks, love the tool.

I have a laptop with win10 64bit (1703 Build 15063.413) which downloads bonjour when activating auto config, but never stops doing so (4h). reboot and reinstall did not help. I am behind a proxy. disabling of proxy did not help. checking if bonjour is already running as a service yields: no.

any advice?

Cheers Carsten

2017-06-23 16_13_44-Synergy Pro.png

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Paul Suarez

Please provide more details about your machines (OS, 32/64 bit, Synergy version installed, connected to the network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, specify which one is the server).

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Windows 10 1703 (Build 15063.413) 64bit
Synergy 1.8.8-stable-25a8cb2 (build date 16 march 2017)
ethernet-connected laptop as symless client (as you can see in the screenshot) to a symless server (same version)

without "auto config" it is working like a charm. the laptop has proper internet connection and proper connection to the symless server.

could not attach a log-file on debug level, because forum software only allows jpegs, pngs, ...

i have scanned the log. it contains nothing interesting such as errors or warnings.

the synergy client app crashes when hitting the "X" to close the window, but the mouse and keyboard are still running. the systray icon stays until mouse overed.

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Paul Suarez
54 minutes ago, neuromusic said:

I had the same problem on windows 10.

I fixed it by installing Bonjour Print Services manually from Apple: https://support.apple.com/kb/DL999?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US

I could then activate auto-config & Synergy did not prompt me to install Bonjour (nor did it hang anymore).

You're right @neuromusic. This is due to a broken link in v1.8.8 for installing Bonjour. We have fixed it on V1.9.0 installer. ;)

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