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Cursor stuck in iTerm2 even when my mouse pointer has moved to Windows display

Ian C

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If I am working in iTerm2 and move my mouse pointer to a Windows system and start typing, the cursor is still in iTerm2 and the characters I type appear in iTerm2. I've tried changing a number of different settings in iTerm2 but nothing works.

If I switch to a different application on my Mac before going to the Windows display, the cursor is not trapped on the Mac side and I can type into any field on the Windows side.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Does anyone know of a solution?

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Paul Suarez

It sounds like a scroll lock problem to me. If you're using it on full-screen mode, then you'd really need to switch over to a different application. If you have the option minimize and set a little gap from the end off the monitor where your Windows machine is linked, then you can have a spot to click first before getting in to your screen for Windows machine.

You can also try to set a hotkey either on iterm2 or Synergy to try and toggle the scroll lock on your Mac machine.

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Guest Dan Sorahan

Hey @Ian C , you're not alone! I've run into this issue a couple of times myself. However, it seems to be a quirk of iTerm forcing focus when the cursor is "hidden" by programs such as Synergy, as I've found the same behaviour while using a few other apps on the local machine (1password and IntelliJ seem to cause it to happen quite a lot). As a workaround, I have a global hotkey trigger set (under keys in preferences) and whenever input focus is stolen by iTerm a double tap of the hotkey brings things back to normal. Hope this helps.


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