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purchase problems


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Hey there.

I got on this website via Linus Tech Tips. I would love to try this program since I can make good use of it. My main problem is that the only payment you accept is credit card... which I do not have. And to spend 37 euro's and wait a week to get one just for synergy is a bit over the top. 

You gave the option to also use PayPal. But even though I have more then enough balance on it to get the 9 dollar program, you still require me to add a credit card... Is there some way we can work around this? Because I'd love to try Synergy.


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Paul Suarez

Hi @Dorky. I'll check with our billing team on this. I might be able to get back with you on Monday. If you can't see a reply from me on Monday, please feel free to mention my name here using @Paul Suarez.

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