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Horrible software waste of money and time


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Spent 2 hours trying to get this to work. That's as much time as I will give any software that should take minutes to install and configure.

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Paul Suarez

Hi @Bill01. We're sorry to hear that you're having problems making it work. If you'd consider troubleshooting with us, please provide more details about your machines (OS, 32/64 bit, Synergy version installed, connected to the network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, specify which one is the server). Also, post a screenshot of both machine's Synergy interface and the Server Configuration interface on your server machine.

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Mathieu Aubin

Poor Bill.

Seeing as you are having problems with Synergy i can almost certainly affirm that Synergy has been a good, reliable working software for more years than your computer (software) knowledge extends to, in months.

For a minute, i almost -- yes almost -- thought you were going to write something that even by very very very far ressembles a justification to thoses *me* *me* *me* and just *me* profound words. Again, what a fool i am...


God bless people like you without whom i'd most likely still believe that an average, pseudo-sane person would rather write the least amount of description about his problem in hopes of maybe getting very nice advices rather than fingering das keyboard in such way that only truly proves how much of a self-esteem cranked'up jerk he can be.

"Wiggle your big toe". Take a picture of both computer power supplies cords and let us know if one of them is a mid-tower-type. Also remember... the black computers can take up a bit more sun than the white/yellowish ones so be cautious when farming cactuses in southern Groenland. Google it if you are uncertain but you should have it working in a jifffy-lube after.

Thanks for allowing me to finger my keyboard thinking about you,

- Beatrice and the breakfast club.

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