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MultiMonitor Layout

Nathan Farrar

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Nathan Farrar

I have two systems, a Windows 10 Laptop & a MacBook that I'm currently using with four external displays. I've made a diagram (see below) of how they are physically laid out. I'm using synergy to share the mouse and keyboard between them. Because of the way my desk is, how my monitor arms are, the limitations on how I can currently connect them to the laptops, and how I'm using them, the physical layout in the diagram is the only way that they make sense to be arranged. They are not 'flat' as the diagram portrays, but angled on a corner desk, in the corner of my home office. The largest monitor (the 34" LG is the 'center' of the display array) that sits directly in front of me.

As I have things setup right now, synergy 'transitions' between the systems using the left-most and right-most edges of all displays; it's not 'vertically aware'. This means that when I transition from the OSX system to the windows system, I scroll to the left of the center display (the LG 34") and the mouse appears on the top left display connected to the windows system (the left acer 25" up top). 

I'm wondering if there is anyway to configure synergy to be aware of the vertical alignment and change the transition areas so that the transitions happen instead in the red areas, rather than this awkward default behavior. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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