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synergy with logitech g302, 303 mouse bug, MacOS Sierra


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Previously I've been used  logitech g302, 303 mouse in a Macbook pro whose OS is El Capitan.

Recently I bought new macbook pro 15' touchbar whose OS is Sierra and it didn't work properly.

The symptoms are slowly moving up cursor.

I just move my mouse left and right, but client screen's cursor is moving up slowly.

Tested Case : slow up mouse cursor ( A/B means both case)

Server: Macbook Pro 15' touchbar + Sierra + g303/g302 + synergy 1.8.x/1.9.0 rc3 

Client: Macbook Pro 15'(El Capitan) / Windows 10 creative update + synergy 1.8.x/1.9.0 rc3 

If the server and client environment are reversed, it works normally.

I attached screen records. You can see it.


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Yes! Finally someone else who has experienced this. This happens to me with a Logitech G9x mouse on a Sierra host with both Sierra and High Sierra clients. Logitech gaming software is installed, but it occurs even if it's not installed. However the same mouse on a Linux host works fine with Mac clients.


Server: Mac OS Sierra, Standard Resolution Display

Client: Mac OS High Sierra, Retina Display

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YUP!!!!! The cursor work sometime other way on mac. 

My keyboard doesn't work when I set a second input( other language) on server. 

Also, the touchbar function of new macbook pro doesn't work too!!!!

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