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Connection timeout between Win10 Server and MacOS Client


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Hi everyone,

Just got synergy tonight and I'm having some problems getting it up and running. I downloaded and installed the client for my Windows 10 machine and Macbook Air, respectively. Followed the startup guide here. But the connection keeps timing out on the Mac. 


Here is what it looks like on the Win10 server side:




Rig info:

Win 10 server is running :


16gb ram

on windows 10 professional. 


Macbook air is running:


8gb ram

MacOS Sierra full updated.


Both computers are connected to the same router via LAN. 


Please let me know if I'm missing something here..


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Paul Suarez

Based on the screenshots, your client is on 192.168.1.x network, while your server is on 192.168.56.x network. Although it shows that the servers has multiple interface and is also connected to 192.168.1.x network. It's just that it uses the 192.168.56.x network as its primary interface. I think, the 192.168.56.x network is a Wi-Fi network. What you can do is to disconnect or turn off Wi-Fi on it first, restart Synergy and connect. If it connects and you wanted to still be connected to Wi-Fi, you can just reconnect it after having Synergy in connected status.

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