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multi screen support

jakub vymetal

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jakub vymetal

i have been using this software for a few days now, and i think its handy. The layout is old and need an upgrade, but i'm using a two screen pc, and this software doesn't work that great with that, and that is a big problem. It is not uncommon for people to have 2 screens now a day, and that has to be fixed.

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Steven Willett

Similar problem here, I have a Windows 10 PC with 2 screens and a iMac in between them both.

Older versions of Synergy used to allow me to update the Synergy.sgc file to resolve the layout issue. 

Today i installed the Windows 64bit version and the latest Mac version of Synergy to.
Everything is connecting fine, but my iMac is the third screen but i cannot update / see any config file to update of feature in teh GUI to resolve this now?
Can you please advise how to configure multiple screens?

| Windows Left Screen | iMac | Windows Right Screen |

How can i resolve this issue?

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Paul Suarez

Hi @Steven Willett. You can save the current configuration first for you to be able to edit it.

  1. Click File (on top)
  2. Click Save configuration as...
  3. Save the configuration file on a folder which you can access easily (desktop would be fine)
  4. After saving, open the configuration file with Notepad
  5. Edit the configuration according to the setup you want
  6. Save the configuration file
  7. Open Synergy interface
  8. Click Use existing configure
  9. Choose the file you have saved
  10. Click Apply
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