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Can't open Synergy Pro from Symlinked Application Folder


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I'm experiencing the same thing as the thread at the bottom, but did not have the option to reply to it.

OSX (Sierra) user.  My applications folder contains nearly a terabyte of data, more than I wish to keep on my root, so I use a soft symlink from a directory /Volumes/Large/Applications to /Applications.

A popup appears saying "Please drag Synergy to the Applications folder, and open it from there." after updating to the latest stable (1.8.8)

I did find a workaround, by moving the Synergy.app folder from /Applications to /bin (sudo mv /Applications Synergy.app /bin) and opening the application from that location.  It would help to update the popup text to state "Please drag Synergy to a folder on your system volume and open it from there" or some such.


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