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May I ask when the un-synced distance bug across retina and non-retina machine going to be fixed?


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Or at least to confirm this bug will be addressed in 2.0?

As a user is using Synergy for 10+ years, I really want to carry on supporting this app, but this bug is pulling me away from it...

PS. To reproduce the error, when the cursor is in client screen (non-retina), moving the cursor in small circles, and the cursor will eventually end up in the top left corner.


Thanks for your time.

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I've fixed the issue why changed to a different mouse, in my case, looks like it's caused by a SteelSeries mouse. (Rival), not sure.

Hope this can help other having the same issue, thanks.

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Kristof Wisniewski

Hi, is this bug already fixed? In my case cursor from client screen (non-retina) ends up in the middle of retina screen. I'm using newest versions of Synergy (2.0.7) on Mac and Linux.

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Hi All,

I just downgraded from Synergy 2 to Synergy 1 laste stable version 1.10.1. I can confirm that this cursor drag on the client machines is still happening.

I'm using two Macs (High Sierra 10.13.6) and the Rival mouse as mentioned above by Quawn.  As a side note when moving the cursor from the client back to the server it always starts in the middle of the screen (as Kristof Wisniewski noted) rather than at the entry point which is really confusing. Not sure if these are related.

Any timeframe on when these issues will be fixed as it is very detrimental for the overall usage and experience of Synergy. A product that I really love!

Finally, I have also filed a ticket for this with the logs and version numbers but wanted to update this threads for other users to see for completeness.


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