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failed to connect to server: Timed out


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Last week this seemed like a different company.  when i downloaded the software it said in some places it was a good option but not for everybodey and the second better option was to get a pice of hardware i could get on amamzon.  So i tried downloading it and itg didntg work.  it even said i could make a donation to the company which i thought of doing but decided to check on the hardware before.

i happen to live in Costa Rica so it would take forever to get this magicel device so i thought i would give Synergy another try.  did not work again and i even did some research wher eit said the software was working better now and it was a breeze to install and work on it and one could do a free or premium for 9.99

first thing i noticed the page had changed and now it was mandatory to pay and not 9.99 but 19.00 which i was ok with.  

i have installed the software on the client and activated it, then later on the client and keep getting a timed out error

uninstalled everything and tried again and still get an error., watched videos and came to this forum where i have tried every option i have seen posted.  the only one not working is the one where they say to uncheck the SSL setiings but in my case it is grayed out so that is not an option and maybe not a way for me to use it.  

So i hope i wont get kicked out of this forum for such a long message but i am very very frustrated for i have been on this since 9 am.  if someone knows how i can un gray the SSL option i will pray very hard so you go to heaven when you die.  jjaja.

if not unfortunately i will have to request a refund which i do not want to for i need my desk to look nice and neat.

2017-05-30 (1).png

2017-05-30 (2).png


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