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Configuration with Mac and PC


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I used this program in the past and it worked alright but my system would freeze up sometimes and it crushed my workflow. After hearing of a friend who did well with this I decided to give it another go. However nothing is working in connecting things.

Server: HP workstation running windows 7

Client A: Imac running Sierra 10.12.5

Client B: Mac Mini also running Sierra.

(Mac mini is always used separate from Imac. It uses the Imac screen as target monitor so they are never competing on network.)

The goal is to use a single keyboard and mouse. The dual challenge here is also to configure the keyboard to handle the differences in OS. Within the Synergy program there is the macros to map some things. I also have an app that can alter the keyboard functions if needed. In short if you are running both platforms I would like to fix my initial connection and optimize the keyboard for all.

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Paul Suarez

Are you getting any errors when trying to connect the client machines? If so, please post a screenshot of each machine's Synergy interface.

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Let me update this a little. I discovered a fix for parts of this by simple IP instead of computer IP. To see how my systems were seen by the network I looked in a file sharing program I use to keep data back ups between machines. Next I set up 2 hot keys. Due to the wide screen and the margin issue, I made the hotkey that locks the mouse on whatever the current monitor it is on. The other hotkey just recalls the pointer to the monitor attached to the 'server'

In an attempt to map the keyboard between PC and Mac I selected the top 3 fixes (CAPS, NUM, and Scroll lock)

For the Imac I did not change the modifier keys. For the mac mini I made Alt into Super and Super into Alt. This has made very little impact so I may have done something wrong. I did discover some of the key combos to work around this but it does slow down the workflow noticeably. The one key combo I cannot seem to emulate from the pc keyboard is

fn + Command + F2 this is how I shift from imac to mac mini on the monitor.

This may need to be a macro hot key I add to the mouse. 


paul v

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