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Guest Andrew Nelless


BattlEye probably misidentifies Synergy as a cheat that might, for example, inject mouse movements and key strokes in to a game in order to react to things faster than a  human player. This is likely because many such cheats use the same mechanism as Synergy on Windows to control your computer.

There may be a way to avoid this in future, but it's a way down the line on our roadmap. Even if we could avoid detection, this is inevitably a game of cat and mouse...  BattlEye would likely just update their software to detect us again. For now I'm afraid Synergy will be incompatible with BattlEye and similar apps.

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Sorry to bump this old thread, but I just had the same issue. BE says they only detect DLLs if the game process tries to load it, so I asked them why the game would load Synergy's DLL, and haven't had an answer. I also noticed pretty severe performance issues when the DLL was blocked, so much that I had to stop Synergy and the service to get beck to a responsive system.

I wonder if it's not so much about avoiding detection as it is getting Synergy whitelisted, somehow.

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