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Bug: Synergy causes selected keyboard to change (International/US)

Doug Tooley

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Doug Tooley

Reproduceable BUG with International Keyboards:   (1.8.5-stable)

Bug: With the Windows 10 Command Prompt as my active window, if I move my mouse from the Synergy Server to the Synergy Client, the keyboard language changes every time.

I haven't noticed any other active applications causing this behaviour, but it reproduces every time with the Command Prompt as my selected window (on the Synergy Server). If the command prompt is open, but not my active window, then the bug doesn't occur.

My setup: Canadian, running the US Keyboard ("ENG"), but I also have the Canadian French ("ENG CAFR") and Canadian Multilingual Standard ("ENG CMS") keyboards installed. But I effectively NEVER choose those other keyboards. I always use "ENG".

I had occasionally noticed that my selected keyboard changed spontaneously, and I hadn't found a correlation until today.

(I originally posted this as a reply to another thread, but realized if it was a newly identified bug, then it deserved its own thread...)

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