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Mouse stuck on host after waking from sleep


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Right now I'm looking at silly workarounds for this problem.. but figured I'd ask here first.

My MacBook Pro is the master. My Windows 10 machine is slave. When the Macbook falls asleep and wakes up, sometimes the mouse gets locked into a position and wont move. It doesn't move on the slave, but acts locked on the master. I have to get the Windows 10 keyboard out to close Synergy to unlock the mouse on Macbook.

Is there a way around this? Will the "Check clients every x..." setting help with that?

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I have a similar problem.

My master is a Windows 7 OS, with a single slave running Windows 10 OS.

While the master is in lock screen, try moving the mouse to the slave. 

The mouse will get stuck on the slave w/o movement, in one possition. The keyboard will, obviously, be on the slave.

Moving the mouse back to the master is impossible (as it is stuck on the slave), which makes it impossible to unlock the master.

The only work around is to connect physical mouse to the slave and stop the synergy service.

Once the slave gets disconnected, the master has the mouse and the keyboard again. VERY annoying problem.

Clearly, a bug in the software. I'm wondering how often development makes maintenance releases and bug fixes?


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