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Global Keyboard Shortcuts

Steven Mohr

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Steven Mohr
1. Allow global keyboard shortcut so that the service can be started/stopped without having the synergy app focused. 2. Goto Screen shortcut. Allow a global keyboard shortcut to move the cursor from one screen to another without affecting the cursor position on the machine it is leaving. 3. User configurable keyboard shortcuts for both of the above. The intent of #2 is that perhaps I would like to leave the cursor at a specific position on one of the screens and use the mouse on another screen. Currently after I swipe the mouse off the screen I then have to use the mouse attached to that computer to put the cursor back in place. #1 could solve this problem as well in the situation where I want the mouse to be left at a certain position on a client machine because it would stay in place when the server is disabled effectively moving my cursor back to the server screen.
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