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Synergy client on Fedora 25


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After finishing a clean Fedora 25 install, I installed Synergy (as a client). My Synergy server PC is Windows 10. Synergy connects fine, but I am unable to enter any mouse or keyboard input. Synergy registers the mouse leaving and entering the screen correctly.

I did some research and it seems like Synergy (still) has no support for Wayland. But even after selecting "Gnome on X.org" at the login screen, Synergy doesn't seem to work correctly.

Thank you very much in advance.


Kind regards, Tom.

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3 minutes ago, Paul Suarez said:

Hi @TomWis97. Can you check this comment for an open GitHub issue?

Thanks! That was the solution. My Google-fu let me down for a moment.

Is there an ETA for Wayland support?

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