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Disable Edge Switching, use only keyboard to switch?


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Was instructed to post here by chat support:


I want to disable "mouse" switching when on the corners / edges of the screen. I want to only use keyboard shortcuts to switch because I use a wacom tablet and it's not working with screen edges at all.


It is also  a  bit laggy on wifi even with a mouse, but that is a separate issue (compared to mouse without borders).








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On 5/16/2017 at 4:16 PM, Paul Suarez said:

@jason2017 can you try pressing scroll lock while your cursor sits on your computer screen?

Sadly it did not work. I tried pressing the keyboard's "scroll lock" key and it kinda helped but when I press the keybinding to go to computer #2 (osx) the keyboard seems to work but the mouse is only moved on the edges all around like if there was a magnet there  (so can't actually use it).

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