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Cursor/mouse not responsive after Remote Desktop Connection.


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Nathan Sto

I have a win10 with two monitors as the Synergy server (ver 1.8.7-stable9799e96) and one Centos6.8 synergy client machine, but remote desktop-ing into the windows machine breaks Synergy. The symptom is that that I can not move the mouse on either machine, and the keyboard is only active on the linux machine after the remote desktop connection has ended. To recover from this situation, I need to plug a mouse into the linux box and stop synergy. Then control from the main keyboard/mouse reverts to the main windows machine.  I then log in to win, and use the 2nd mouse to restart synergy on the linux box and all is back to normal.  I in the "debug" level logs attached, I was on the RD session from ~14:00 to 15:00.  Then I came back to the machine after ~16:00 and corrected as per the procedure above.  Synergy ver 1.8.7-stable9799e96, and this issue is repeatable.






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