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Mouse Cursor Moves - But NO CLICK

Russell Southey

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Russell Southey

I experience this problem several times a day - mouse cursor moves on client machines, but no response to mouse click. I need to then restart server to reactivate the mouse click function on the client.

See Log details below-
- RussellLaptop is the client

[2017-05-10T10:26:13] INFO: watchdog status: ok
[2017-05-10T10:26:14] INFO: service command updated
[2017-05-10T10:26:14] INFO: process started but command is empty, shutting down
[2017-05-10T10:26:14] INFO: got ipc shutdown message
[2017-05-10T10:26:14] NOTE: disconnecting client "RussellLaptop"
[2017-05-10T10:26:14] NOTE: client "RussellLaptop" has disconnected
[2017-05-10T10:26:14] NOTE: stopped server
[2017-05-10T10:26:15] INFO: process 4584 was shutdown gracefully
[2017-05-10T10:26:23] INFO: starting server
[2017-05-10T10:26:23] INFO: config file: C:/Users/RUSSEL~1/AppData/Local/Temp/qt_temp.H16812

qt_temp.H16812 file is attached.

This "problem" is irritating - and the reason I end up going back to MouseWithoutBorders - which is limited when compared to Synergy.

Please advise if there's a setting I can change that could/may alleviate this problem.




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I've been experiencing the same issue for several months. I'm able to regain click functionality by moving my mouse the the server and clicking something. It seems to happen after the mouse has been left in one spot on the client for several minutes (reading a webpage or writing an email). 

Installed 1.9 rc3 on both server and client. Still experiencing same issue.

I have a windows 64 bit server and macos client. The server has multiple monitors.


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