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Server refused client with our name

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wow for 4 hours i screwed with this, your interface is bad.. i clicked that computer 100 times in the server configuration thing... 

I had this originally working, just launching a client, it auto created a computer on the server, but then i got a new computer and had to reconfig.. it would not createe in the config... bonjour installed...  noone on earth is going to know to drag that computer image down... put a label there so people know...

so much time wasted.. bad GUI!

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Agree with Bugmaster.  The images provided by Nocktis are really helpful, but a user shouldn't have to go to a manual unless there's not other choice.  

The drag a screen option is cool, but I think it's tough to get for most people, given none of the rest of your GUI has a drag and drop paradigm.  

I'd suggest putting a plus sign next to the new screen icon.  When the user clicks it, the tool should add a new screen to the grid in the first available open spot.  So, if the server is in the center, then add it to the right (or left, doesn't matter).  Then, maybe had a pop-up tool tip or just some text at the bottom of the grid to let the user know they can drag the screen around to where they want.  

Here's a question.  If the user has their client running on the machine they're trying to add, and has set the server ip correctly, can't the server detect the name of the client?  If so, then using the option mentioned above, when the user clicks the plus button, the screen should add automatically to the grid and have the right name.  That would be the easiest option.

Just some thoughts...

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Hi. I've used Synergy1 before. Now I came back to reinstall on two new ubuntu 18.04 systems.

It has taking me too much time to set it up. First, the screen name config issue described above.

What is the problem with hyphen in names?!

After all was set up---the client connected and all seemed okay, I couldn't get the mouse outside

the area of the server screen. It turns out that the two icons in the grid has to be next to each other,

i.e., no empty grid cell among them.

This looks like a tiny issue but fixing it has potential to avoid lots of user of frustration.

I recall this was also not the case in the previous versions/releases. I don't know what motivates you

to change it. However, it feels like a poor UX choice.

Good luck with future releases.

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I think it would be worth the investment to rework the UX of the program, and offer these improvements for free to current users.

Just purchased this and having a hard time setting it up. I'm so happy I finally found this thread through a Google search. This process is very fuzzy, and is clearly a workaround, and displays a pretty critical UX issue. Even the Youtube video tries to compensate for the error initially https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=255&v=O9rDhPnaKK8&feature=emb_logo

Given the function of the interface and what it's achieving, it sounds like having to create two separate names for a single unit can be coded away from the user's interface

It's nice to see Symless was nimble to update documentation, but there's an UX issue here that should be addressed, IMHO. In the silicon valley land I lived in for a couple years, If you're giving someone an error during a first run, you need to code the error away from the user. It's a $40 product. This kind of simplicity might make the difference between a refund, and a repeat customer. I finally got it working through the bizzare advanced interface and the ambiguous wording, but seemingly in this thread, many did not.

Plenty of other weird UX oversights as well, like the ambiguous words "Auto config" that only seem to work in server mode.

Happy to have the program working now though :)


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On 6/29/2018 at 12:16 PM, Nocktis said:

Had the exact same issue.  Sam54123 and Johnmc's suggestion worked.  Here are a few images to walk you through that process should you encounter the same problem:






Hi, first post.   I was having issue with connecting two Macs in 2021.  Following Nocktis' advice, this ending up working.   In configure server, I entered NAME_OF_MAC.local as screen name, with NAME_OF_MAC as alias.  Thanks Nocktis!

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I bought Synergy when Synergy 2 was just released, and used it literally up untill today (I quite liked it for what I used it for, although there were some annoyances). So today I found out Synergy 2 was discontinued, and thus decided to download and replace Synergy 2 by Synergy 1.

So I immediately ran into this issue, and had to go through the steps above to actually get it working again. Synergy 2 was so much easier to use already, so while this might get lost in the void, I just wanted to leave this thread on a positive note.

If Syn2 was already such a step up, and it still wasnt up to par with Symless their intended level, then I can't wait for the next version to be released. I have been using this software with tremendous joy, and expect to do so for the foreseeable future. The best of luck to the developers, and I will look forward to see what amazing next step you will come up with.

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