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Synergy for Android and Samsung DeX

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I have used Synergy for many, many years. The solution I have found is scrcpy which allow free remote control for my android devices. I am currently using it with Galaxy Tab S4 and can use it with Dex. 

synergy and scrcpy.PNG

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Hello, I was just wondering if y'all have any plans to add Android compatibility to Synergy? I have an android tablet, and also now with the introduction of Samsung DeX would like to use that with my

There is a similar apk https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.floriandraschbacher.deskdock.free&hl=en but it doesn't work that well and is not as feature rich as synergy.  +1 on ha

You can actually use it on Android. Although this one requires you to have Cyanogen or other mods that has access to /dev/uinput (as mentioned earlier Cyanogen or Paranoid Android). You can confirm th

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Just wanted to let you know the android and Samsung Dex would still be great additions.  I realize this thread started over 5 years ago but both android & Samsung have continued to move into daily drivers for so many people.  Even if it doesn't have the copy & paste features initially, just the ability to share the mouse and keyboard would be great!

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