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A successful Install


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Looking through the blog all I could see was that people were reporting problems so I thought I would report a successful install. (not without Faff mind you :roll: ) I wasn’t going to upgrade as I had several hours of faffin about last time when the installer refused to work. I like to keep all my software up to date so I updated yesterday. I have two machines each with 2 monitors that are primary used for online gaming. Both have similar setups with windows 8.1 and identical firewall/ anti-virus setups. The installer failed on the same machine as last time but faff was kept to a minimum as I now knew how to manually install. [url]https://github.com/synergy/synergy/issues/3774[/url] After install I couldn’t get it to work with all sorts of confusing messages. A previous problem had been my router assigning a different ip address for the synergy server pc. I had easily solved this by making the router assign the same address for that pc. I had to stop synergy, reboot both pcs (several times during the process) Run the wizard on both and eventually had to get my router to assign a new permanent ip address for the server pc. This all took a couple of hours but I am pleased to say that everything is now working fine. SLL encryption is on (box ticked on both pc’s). I am using the Synergy Pro version. I know how important this software is when you have multiple pc's so I hope you are all up and running soon as I know what a Faff it is without it. Regards Brian
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