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Duplicate "screens" Setup

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Michael Torres
Hi, By Duplicate Screens, I'm referring to the Server Configuration where you move your monitors to reflect your physical setup. My Current Setup: C1 | S1 With Duplicate Feature: C1 | S1 | C1 Purpose: Essentially coming 'full circle' rather than going left or right to switch between the two. If I am on my right most screen on my Server, I can just continue right to access my client as opposed to dragging my mouse however many screens back left. I'm looking to reduce the amount of 'backtracking' with the mouse. Let me know if you guys think this is feasible or if I should just keep dreaming! Danke,
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It is possible to do this, but not with the GUI. It will involve using a custom (hand-edited) configuration file. Start by exporting your current configuration, using File -> Save Configuration As. Edit it using your favorite text editor, and find a section named Links. Normally it looks like this: section: links server: right = client client: left = server What we want to do is make the links go both ways, like this: section: links server: right = client left = client client: left = server right = server Be sure to save this file someplace safe, where Synergy will be able to find it but it won't be messed with, and point Synergy to this file using the "Use existing configuration" option. Then, use your OS Display properties to reverse the order of the monitors, so the left one thinks it's on the right and vice versa. Now, you'll be in a situation where your mouse moves "around the world" in an infinite loop. The only downside is that you'll have to go the wrong way to move windows between screens on your dual-screen system.
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