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User-Friendly Fingerprint Display Changes


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Why see a fingerprint like: [quote]D4:1D:8C:D8:F0:0B:20:4E:98:00:99:8E:CF:84:27:EF:24:DF:B1:2C [/quote] When you can see a fingerprint like: [quote]SUIT DEEM AQUA NOSY ROPE FROG BATS KENO VASE BOOK[/quote] All you need is a wordlist of 65,536 words (not a simple feat) [list][*]D4:1D = 54301 = SUIT[/*:m] [*]8C:D8 = 36056 = DEEM[/*:m] [*]F0:0B = 61451 = AQUA[/*:m][/list:u] Idea from: https://github.com/gabemart/hipku
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