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4k monitor configuration problem

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Igor Antsiferov
Hi I have a problem with the configuration screens, and maybe someone can help me Two machines : PC(server) and Mac(client); four monitors with physical layout PC MAC PC PC Initially Mac is setup to be the right of the PC. its works fine but i want layout the screens in synergy exactly like they are in real life I read http://synergy2.sourceforge.net/configuration.html and made conf [i]section: links PC: right(0,49) = Mac(0,100) up(50,100) = Mac(0,100) Mac: left(0,100) = PC(0,49) down(0,100) = PC(50,100) end[/i] and its does not work Any suggestions? PC:win8 x64, Mac:10.10
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Arnout Calmeyn
have the same issue with only Windows Computers. It's about the Screen Resolution. You can lower your Screen Resolution to 2560x1600 and than it works again. But I'm agreeing that this is a temporary solution ... I would also like that it would be fixed.
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