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Synergy 1.7.2 & Mac OS 10.10.3: Synergy exit code 3


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With 10.10.3 (both server and client,) a previously working Synergy instance is now unable to start. Upon launching the application on the server the following messages are displayed: [code]Failed to get local IP address. Please manually type in server address on your clients.[/code] [code]Synergy terminated unexpectedly with an exit code of 3. Please see output log for details.[/code] Output log: [code]NOTE: starting server NOTE: config file: /var/folders/vp/rz8_865x4sx2yjmk05px40xm0000gn/T/Synergy.ux6933 NOTE: log level: INFO synergys: address not found for: en8 Try `synergys --help' for more information. NOTE: stopping synergy desktop process[/code] The client displays 'connection refused' continually with no useful information. Any pointers here? I'm frustrated I'm now unable to use the software. Both client and server are Synergy Pro 1.7.2 on Mac OS X 10.10.3.
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