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Does Synergy run on Windows XP Embedded Version 2002 SP1?


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I checked [url]http://synergy-project.org/wiki/Requirements[/url] where XP Embedded is neither stated as supported nor unsupported. I have tried the following versions, configured as client: [list][*]synergy-1.4.16-r1969-Windows-x86.exe and synergy-1.3.7-Windows-x86.exe can be installed without any problems, but they don't work, giving constantly "ipc connection error, connection refused"[/*:m] [*]synergy-1.4.18-r2250-Windows-x86.msi fails to install due to recognizing c:\ not as a local drive.[/*:m][/list:u] My question is, will the recent paid versions work on Windows XP embedded? Or is there any trick to get it working? Server would be a Windows 7 machine.
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